Can’t Buy Me Love

CBML Final

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Seven romantic tales of love where royalty, celebrities, and passion meet. A case of mistaken identity, protecting the one you love, or proving you aren’t all about the money…these tales will entice and thrill.

Read stories by Abigal Drake, Lisa Hahn, Grea Warner, Tammy Mannersly, Melissa Kay Clarke, Stephanie Keyes and me.

Here’s an excerpt from my story Romancing the Princess.

Love rules all. Or does it?

A commoner, Sebastian, and Princess Alixandra are in love and set to get married until a clause in the prenup rubs Seb the wrong way and he stuns Alix by vanishing from the palace just a day before the wedding. He is not sure fitting in with royalty is worth sacrificing his principles but he could lose the love of his life otherwise. The choice seems impossible.



Usually, he left before the morning shed light on the consequences of his actions. This time, his insides squeezed at the thought he’d never get to wake up next to Alix again. It wasn’t fair.

“It’s been …” Alix glanced at him and then dropped her gaze. “Well, I need to go through the customs. Boarding will start in half an hour.” Her voice was croaky. It pained him that he couldn’t tell whether from fatigue or emotion.

She leaned into him, soft and supple, and it took his breath away. His arms came around her reflexively. Her bed hair was a stark reminder of what they’d been doing minutes before calling a taxi to take them to the airport.

“This was real, right? I didn’t just dream it?” Seb said.

He couldn’t quite catch what she murmured into his chest.

“I’ll miss you,” he blurted.

She looked up, opening her mouth, but then she pressed her lips together and dropped her gaze to his chest. He forced her face up with his finger under her chin. He kissed her forehead, her cheek and eyelids, her chin and lips, and felt the bitter taste of goodbye intruding on their intimacy.

His mouth on hers seemed to have unlocked something in her because she finally whispered, “I’ll miss you, too.”

When she stepped away, he reached to push a strand of her hair from her face, but her eyes—miserable and dark—flitted to his for a second and then she was gone, walking away from him, and then running, her purse swaying from her shoulder behind her.

#teasertuesday Hearts must be broken

Hearts must be broken SQ Teaser.png


“I’m hungry,” Damon said, reminding her he was still splayed out on the floor beneath her.

Why was he even here and not running as fast as he could away from her after she’d hurt him so terribly and so often? Why did he bother? It didn’t make sense.


He raised his eyebrows. “Because the last thing I ate was a sandwich yesterday noon. Plus you seriously zapped my energy last night.”

She huffed. “I meant why, after I’ve treated you like shit more times than I care to remember, you still care?”

When he just stared at her for a moment, she wondered if he was trying to come up with a lie.

He pushed himself up into a sitting position. Being so close to his serious face and intense eyes was frightening. She had never before been so vulnerable, not even with Ralph. Because with Damon she cared, and he had the power to rip her apart with mere words.

“Sometimes, when I look at you, you are so utterly sad. And it’s like you’re not even aware of it. It’s like you only let yourself feel anger and disgust because they’re your crutch and if someone took that away from you, you’d fall and shatter. You deserve to be loved, Anaïs.”

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On the Slopes

It’s finally here! I mean the new cover for On the Slopes, my new adult snowboarding novella coming from InkSpell Publishing in May 2016.

You can now pre-order it on Amazon and Kobo.

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Snowboarding means everything to Charlise, but she hasn’t met Sam Miller yet.

Charlise is a snowboarder with a promising career ahead of her. Despite the fact that her father hates her risking her life on the slopes that had taken the life of Charlise’s mother she is determined not to give up her career the way her mother did when she fell pregnant. Charlise wants to win medals, lots of them.

The last distraction Charlise needs is the American freestyle champion, Sam Miller, who utterly enthrals her with his wit and friendliness. Refusing to risk her career for a relationship, Charlise returns home for Christmas, determined to sort things out with her father. But the holidays culminate in an epic fight, and with a repeat of the painful breakup with Sam. However, new discoveries from her family’s past might change Charlise’s mind about Sam …


On the Slopes coming in May 2016.


Thank you, Najla Qamber, for creating this beauty!



“Can you drive stick?” Once the rain let up in the afternoon, Sam needed to go into town. It was his turn to buy groceries.

“Sure.” Charlise grabbed at the chance to get out of the house because so much testosterone was doing her head in. “Why?”

Sam let out a breath. “You’re driving, then. I don’t get these European cars. Why can’t they be automatic?”

She chuckled, thrilled to be better at this than one of the boys.

Sam and Todd were from the US, while Thor was German. Most of the film crew was American, hired by their American sponsor. She was the only French on the team.

“Aren’t men supposed to be tech savvy?” she teased him as she started the car and turned up the heater. The temperatures had dropped to around zero, and snow had been forecast for the evening.

“Not being able to drive stick is not a gender thing, it’s cultural,” he said indignantly.

She snickered. “Freud would have a field day with you mentioning stick and gender in the same sentence.”

“Har fucking har,” Sam said, but, despite his grumpy tone, a smile curved his lips.

“It’s a good thing, anyway,” she said smugly. “You not being able to drive around at least means you can’t kick me out because you need me.”

“I’m sure there are others on the team who can drive stick,” he said, challenging her.

She glanced at him with a grin. “I’m sure.” After a pause, she added, “But none of the boys are as cute as me.”

He chuckled, but it annoyed her that he didn’t agree. He always liked to flirt with all the girls at snowboarding competitions, but he never flirted with her. She didn’t feel comfortable being singled out this way. She liked it when boys flirted with her. It made her feel powerful, and it was a big letdown Sam wouldn’t grant her the power.