Back to France

Camargue, France

In February, my new story will be published by Inkspell Publishing. In it, I’m returning to France, for a short trip, but still.

This will be the third time that my characters visit France. In Letting Go, Isabelle returns from Paris where she went to visit the museums and galleries to feed the art enthusiast in her. As she and Harper get to know each other, she realizes Harper, too, is a romantic at heart and that he took a past love on a trip to Paris.

Charlise from On the Slopes is French, and in the second part of the story, she returns home for Christmas to sort out her complicated relationship with her dad. When Sam visits her unexpectedly, she dumps him for the second time because she’s too scared to start a relationship with him.

Both novellas were romances with loveable–albeit a bit confused ;-)–characters. But my third visit to France is a lot more intense, and the main character has a darker past which comes back to haunt her. The story takes place in London, but to escape her pursuer the protagonist, Anais, flees to France, to her family’s old estate.

There is something about France and the French that has attracted me ever since I first visited the country. I’m intrigued by the country’s interesting history and the charming culture. And there’s something to be said for the rolling hills of the wine regions and the beautiful capital which captures everyone’s attention on first sight. It’s one of my favorite countries and I’d love to live there but since I can’t, I have my characters visit it on a regular basis (My current work in progress is set in Paris. Again.). Talk about living vicariously through fictional characters, eh?

Ever been to France? Did you like it? Which are your favorite places and spaces?


Hearts must be broken is coming out as part of Inkspell‘s box set Valentine Kisses in February 2017.

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