Wishin’ on the Moon #coverreveal

Wishin’ on the MoonWishin'OntheMoon.v6

by Ashley Brooke Robbins


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My name is Rose, and welcome to the summer break before my senior year. You’d think I’d be a little more excited, sorry to disappoint. My mom thinks I’m in a state of depression. I yell how nuts she is…then begin snot-crying, uncontrollably. So embarrassing.

I live on a small island named Luna Bay, in North Carolina. I should be getting excited like the rest of the teenage population to venture off into the enchanting world of endless exams and studying—college. Instead, I spend my days hiding out in my room, living vicariously through the lives of fictional characters.

Until my whole world turns upside down when I throw water in an innocent guy’s face. That’s when the headaches start, the blackouts and general craziness, ya know, more so than normal.

“Sometimes the worst possible situation turns into something great. Something you’ll never forget…remember that.”—Rose Kaylin.



So tired... My head drops into my pancakes and a groan escapes me.

“Rose!” my mother yells.

“Peanut puppies!” I jerk up, arms flailing.

“Oh, shit,” Henry rumbles, eyes shooting from me to everyone else, “the meds have fried her brain, what she has left of one, anyway.”

“Not funny,” Dad growls disapprovingly.

“She’s fine. She just isn’t used to them yet. Give it time.” Mom waves it off and goes back to reading the reviews for her book on her iPad.

Jarrod shakes his head, appearing aggravated and goes back to eating his breakfast, which doesn’t take him long to finish. “You wanna go to the mall with me?” he asks. I takes me a minute to realize who he’s talking to. This is a first, for both of us. So, in reply, I stare at him.

The rest of the people at the table are pretty much doing the same. “You’re joking, right?” Henry chuckles then frowns when Jarrod doesn’t crack up.

“Samantha’s birthday’s coming up.” He shrugs, like it’s not a big deal. “I need help picking something out for her. Something girly.”

“Yeah.” I snort. “’Cause I’m so feminine.”

“Will you come with me or not?” he snaps, jaw muscle twitching.

“Whatever.” I throw my hands up, slouch out of my chair, and take off down the hall.

“Excuse me, young lady. You were not excused!” my mother yells heatedly.

“I don’t care!” I really don’t.

“That’s it! With that attitude, you’re not leaving this house, do you hear me?” By now she’s screeching. She’d be perfect in one of the bands I listen to. She could scream just like one of the Butcher Babies. If only she’d get her head out of her ass long enough to breathe fresh air, she might realize it’s not devil’s music.


About the Author:

Ashley’s favorite thing to write about is basically anything to do with myths, supernatural, paranormal… but upon occasion she’ll write about young adult life. It comes somewhat naturally to her considering she’s twenty herself.

If the vampires or other supernatural beings still haven’t claimed her, you’ll most likely find her with her computer or a notebook, working on whatever story plots invaded her mind at that time or an article for www.lllranting.com. An organization that supports LGBT+ people and mental health sufferers. Like most young people, she’s still unsure of what all she wants to do with her life. Become a marine biologist, graphic designer, editor, own a clothing line, or become a cryptozoologist? Maybe just stick to writing? Or, maybe do all of the above. We might find out one day.

She hopes to one day travel the world, take her mom to swim with the dolphins, let her sister finally visit Graceland, and swim with sharks…probably without Mom. She currently lives in North Carolina with her mom, sister, and four crazy, spoiled dogs who think they’re human.


You can find her on her website: http://www.JustThatWeirdoNextDoor.com, or on pretty much any other social media site as AshKat174, except Snapchat (ash_lllranting). You can probably find those links on her website.


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