Fleeing beauty by Mark Love

A discovery of priceless artwork leads Jamie on a collision course with danger.

Fleeing Beauty LRG

Jamie Richmond used to live a nice, quiet life. But last fall she witnessed the shooting of a police officer and figured out who did it. Then this winter saw her best friend targeted by a stalker and kidnapped. Yep, Jamie solved that one and came to the rescue. Now it’s summertime and the living is supposed to be easy. All she wants to do is write her novels and spend free time with Malone, the guy who has been by her side since all this craziness began. But that’s not likely to happen.

Jamie’s father was a very successful sculptor who tragically died more than twenty years ago when she was just a child. What she remembers about him is little more than bits and pieces. A storeroom filled with crates of his work is discovered in an old converted factory. This potential fortune in artwork has been waiting all these years.

Jamie recruits Malone and a few close friends to help her unpack the crates and bring her father’s gifts out to the light of day. News of this discovery leads to a robbery. Now Jamie is determined to figure out who is behind the crime.







In a different century, Malone could have been a cowboy. He’s a little shy of six feet tall, with a wiry, muscular body. His dark hair is a perfect complement to the most incredible blue eyes I’ve ever stared into. I always think of the color cobalt when I see them. Malone’s got this disarming, calm quality about him that will occasionally slip to reveal the mischief brewing inside. Tonight was a perfect example. He didn’t say a word as he got to the picnic table. Malone just reached down and lifted me from the bench. Then his lips were on mine, surprising me with his intensity.

What’s a girl to do?

Malone wrapped me in his arms, pressing me tightly against his body. The feel of his muscular chest and arms was quickly getting me aroused. Still too busy kissing me to speak, Malone’s hands found my waist. Now he lifted me off my feet and placed me on top of the picnic table. But not before he managed to work the shorts off my hips. My legs were dangling off the end of the table. His lips moved to my neck and he began to nibble me.

“We have a very comfortable bed inside,” I managed to say.

“I’m in the mood for a little moonlight madness.”

The way he was kissing me was driving me mad. I reached for his belt, but he brushed my hands away. As Malone was sucking on my earlobe, I heard his zipper slide down. He cupped my head with his left hand and eased me onto my back. I reached up to caress his face. Malone caught my wrist in his free hand and moved it above my head. Holding both of my arms above me, I felt him enter me.


About the Author

Mark Love (yes, that’s really his name) lived for many years in the metropolitan Detroit area, where crime and corruption are always prevalent.  A former freelance reporter, Love is drawn to mysteries and the twists and turns that mirror real life. He is the author of “Why 319?” and three books in the Jamie Richmond Series “Devious”  “Vanishing Act” and “Fleeing Beauty” and several short stories.

Love resides in west Michigan with his wife, Kim. He enjoys a wide variety of music, reading and writing fiction, cooking, travel, most sports and the great outdoors. You can find his blog at the link below and on Goodreads, Facebook, and Amazon.




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