When I don’t write …

Last week I finished the first draft for my next novel. I wrote it in less than a month, so you can imagine it was an intense and tiring month. At the end, my writing energy was depleted. On top of that, I had plenty of promotional duties for My Summer Roommate scheduled. Although all this was exciting and rewarding, it was also exhausting.

After every such intense writing or editing period, I have to do something completely unrelated to writing for a few days to get my writing mojo back. This time, I finished the draft just in time for the grape picking season. Whether that was perfect timing on my or on nature’s part is yet undecided.

I spent the weekend in the vineyard, enjoying the surprisingly warm and sunny weather after the rainy summer, working with my muscles for a change, rather than my brain.

2014-09-27 16.35.53 2014-09-27 16.36.23

Before I return to writing and my next project, I have a winter jacket to finish for my kid. Sewing will ease me nicely back into creativity, I think.


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