Why book research is good for you?

While I did the research for my current work in progress, I realized a few random things about myself, too. Research can trigger surprising self-discovery.

  • Stuffed animals give me the creeps.
  • I want to become a member of a secret society.
  • I can’t live without a Thesaurus (or actually, the Internet because I use an online Thesaurus).
  • Unlike some authors, I can’t write without an Internet connection  – for the already mentioned reason, but also because when I’m stuck for words, I like to surf the Net to unwind, and I’ll get back to writing more quickly after that.
  • I don’t understand people who eat burnt toast.
  • I admire people that wear colorful clothes. I wear mostly black.
  • I want a tattoo.

Apart from the randomness above, I also realized that my writing style is a sort of research. I used to write most of the stories in third person POV, but for my last YA, I switched to first person. I’m writing my current novel in first person, too. It gives me far more insight into my main character and it’s in a way more liberating than I ever thought possible. I think this has largely to do with the topics I cover in my books. I’ve never  written (and probably never will write) about social issues in my books. I’m more interested in the psychology of an individual. Hence, it makes sense for me to use first person narration. It took me three books to realize this.

You never know when you’ll discover something surprising about yourself. 😉

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