Good news


ImageMy to-do list for the summer has just gotten longer. But since it means my second YA novel will get published in August, that’s a decidedly good thing. I’m very excited about it even though I’ll have loads of editing to do instead of enjoying the holidays.

It’s appropriate that it will be published in August, I think, since the story takes place during vacations. You’ll get to see Chloe again, Isabelle’s best friend from Letting Go. This time, it’s all about her and how she’s trying to resist the charm of an ex snowboarder, Chris. But it’s not all fun and lovesick gazes; a life-time of insecurities rush to the surface when Chloe struggles with her trust issues, and just as she thinks she’s back in her comfort zone, Chris makes a terrible mistake.

Also, I’m sure everyone who liked Letting Go will be delighted to see Harper dish out love advice. Because, yes, he’s back too. 😉

I’ll post more details when the publication process starts, so be sure to check back. Until then, enjoy your summer/winter. 😉

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