2000 and counting

Until a few months ago, every time I read other writers’ blogs, I found myself under a lot of pressure. It seemed like every author under the sun had a habit of writing at least 2000 words per day, every day. I tried doing it too. And it worked. I got more writing done than before. Sometimes I wrote passages that I was quite impressed with when I re-read them days later, and sometimes I wrote utter crap. But I wrote (at least) 2000 words every day.

Like I said, it got the job done. But for me, it sucked the joy out of writing. There was just too much pressure to sit down and write even when I had no idea what to write, no new scenes, no new developments to introduce into the plot. Being self-employed for almost a decade was in the end what helped me realize that I was the only one pressuring myself and that I had the power to stop it. I was my own boss and I had the right and the responsibility to set myself my own goals and methods of writing.

I still write 2000 words per day, almost every day. But sometimes, for me, writing means lying on the couch, with the shutters closed, in silence, thinking. I need the peace to let my mind work out the next step in the story or solve the glitches in the plot. I can’t do that while typing five useless paragraphs just to reach my daily goal. Maybe the day after I’ll write 3000 words, but for me, there must be days when I write absolutely nothing. I think of those days as pampering my soul. Resting it, re-energizing it for the next bout of crazy, inspired writing. From time to time, being lazy can be very productive. 😉

What is your writing method? Do you have any rules about when, how, how much you write? Do you prefer pen and paper or laptops? What gets you inspired?

2 thoughts on “2000 and counting

  1. I too, benefit from some goals but have quickly learnt to change them if they’re sucking the life out of me because it’s about the writing at the end of the day, not the numbers.


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