Harper’s panna cotta

I don’t know a girl who wouldn’t want her boyfriend to cook for her. There’s something incredibly hot about a man in an apron, isn’t it? Harper, the bad boy from my novella Letting Go, is a passionate foodie. He decides to teach Isabelle to cook. Seeing how she only knows how to use the microwave, that’ll be quite a challenge.

If you want to test if you’re a good enough cook to join Harper in the kitchen, here’s a panna cotta recipe.

For 4 servings you’ll need: panna cotta

5 dl of heavy cream
50 g sugar
1 vanilla bean
1 package of gelatine leaves

And for the coulis:

250 g of berries
3 sprigs of mint
50 g sugar
juice of one lemon

Put the gelatine in about 1 dl of cold water for 10 minutes. Cut the vanilla bean in half and scrape out the seeds. Pour the cream into a pan, add the sugar, the halved vanilla bean and its seeds. Cook on medium heat for about five minutes, until the sugar dissolves. Put aside. Strain the gelatine leaves and add them to the cream. Stir until the gelatine dissolves.

Pour the mixture into four glasses and put them in the fridge for a couple of hours so that the gelatine solidifies.

Put the mixed berries into a pot, add the juice of one lemon and the sugar. Cook for a few minutes so that the berries let out a bit of their juice. Don’t overcook them.

Serve panna cotta with cooled coulis and decorate with sprigs of mint.

Now, if you can find a cute boy to prepare it for you, it will taste even more delicious. 😉

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